Frequently Asked Questions

Can I host media on the servers?
Absolutely NO. Media is a bandwidth leech and none will be allowed. Any media found on the server will be deleted.

Do I get a FREE domain name?
Nope. If you want a domain name hosted with us you must purchase it else where.

Can I host my pornography and or hentai site at Xplosiv-Hosting?
No. If you have this kind of website do not even bother signing up as you will be denied.

Can I host my warez and other illegal software site here?
Again no. If you want a hoster for this kind of site then please look elsewhere.

Am I allowed to host my forum and or my portal here?
Yes you absolutely may. We do not require you have a website. Forums and Portals are all allowed.

Can I have more then one hosting account at a time?
Yes and No. We rarely allow this and is only accepted if it is absolutely needed.

Can we just use the hosting as file storage?
No. You must have some kind of website, forum, or portal to be hosted.

Will I be able to get support with the hosting?
Yes but only when we are available. All staff are here of voluntary and most of us still go to school and have a real life to attend. If one or more of us is online then we will gladly help you. If we aren't then email us and we will get back to when we have a chance.

What are the nameservers or DNS that we must point our domains to?
They are as follows:

Is activation automatic?
No it is not. Every application is processed by hand. We review sites if available and like i said before create them by hand.

How long can I expect to wait for my account to be functional?
This varies. Normally 24-48 hours or sometimes sooner then that. It all depends on how tied up we are with getting over request done. And please remember this is done on our free time.

May I do any harm and or abuse the server?
Absolutely no. Any persons found doing soon will be banned to never be accepted for hosting again.

Is this service totally FREE?
Yes it is absolutely FREE. We ask for no money ever, we display no ads ever. This is one thing that makes us unique from other so called free hosts.

Will I have ads displayed on my site?
Nope you never will have ads on your site. Our hosting is absolutely ad-free. But we will not stop you if you freely put a ad for us on your site. Of course this is always very much appreciated but not what so ever required.

How can I help make Xplosiv-Hosting even better?
This is simple. Recommend us to your friends and pass the good word around. Make us the top free hosting company on the net!

If you have a question that was not answered here then please post it in the forums!

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